how to level up quickly

Screenshot by Guides The rich and huge world of WoW Classic can be a bit overwhelming for novice players. There are so many options on where to start, which character to choose, which class and profession, etc. Regardless of your character choices, here are some tips and recommendations for any player who wants to level up quickly so they can get into the meatier parts of the game.

Rest in a city or hostel offline

Screenshot by Guides After a long night of exploring dungeons or quests, it’s reasonable that you should log out of WoW Classic and close your eyes. Before shutting down the computer, however, be sure to do the same for your character. In WoW Classic, you’ll get an XP boost based on your character’s rest time when you’re offline. You can’t just leave them just anywhere, however. Make sure to bring them back to a big city or hostel for maximum boost while you are away. You’ll know you’re getting these rest benefits if you see ZZZ in a circle below your health bar, where your current level usually appears. The next time you log in, you’ll receive a temporary XP boost – you’ll get 5% every 8 hours, with the highest boost you can get is 150% (or around ten days offline).

Don’t try to level up in a group

Screenshot by Guides In the early stages of Wow Classic, it can be tempting to try and find safety in numbers by joining another player or group on their travels. While this can get you to a bit higher difficulty level, you can actually progress faster on your own. When you are part of a group, you will find that the XP is slightly less for you and more extensive for the group. Alone, you will reap all the benefits. It can be scary at first, don’t venture too far from the starting areas and be patient – if you try to attract too many enemies at once you will be overwhelmed and end up in a death loop rather than to progress. Take them one by one at the start and grind that XP. Related: All Classic WoW Zones By Level

Quest and repeat

Screenshot by Guides As you will soon find out, Classic WoW is packed with tons of quests that range from walking a few yards down a road, to slashing your way through hours of enemies in a sprawling dungeon. If you’re looking to level up fast, you’ll want to be constantly on the lookout. Don’t be picky about taking quests either – grab as many as you can, wherever you are. Be smart and optimize your time: Always look for multiple quest objectives in the same area so you can complete a few at a time, and optimize your movement to limit backtracking between quests or objectives. Outside of exploring higher level dungeons, general quests will absolutely net you the highest (and most frequent) XP. For more guides on WoW Classic, look at this WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide and be sure to stay tuned to our guides for continued coverage of your favorite games!

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