How to level up quickly in New World?

Getting up in New World faster gives you access to more activities. How then to succeed in speeding up your leveling to be level 60? As in many MMORPGs, New World offers a level system that must be upgraded to acquire more items and access to certain activities, such as dungeons, invasions or wars. your leveling faster and more enjoyable, making your way to level 60 less laborious.

How to level up faster in New World?

Here are some tips to help you level up faster: Complete the main and side quests. It will be your greatest source of experience when playing alone. Build your reputation with the different zones and invest your reputation points in bonus XP and bonus reputation. The New World map is divided into several regions or zones. You will have a reputation bar assigned to each zone. To get it up, you just need to take part in any activity. Once you have passed a level, you will gain experience and a permanent bonus. Accept project quests from your cities and do them passively. In each city there is a table of projects. Accept some of the quests offered on this board (such as killing 20 Turkeys) and complete them while you do your other quests. Gather resources, including leather, while doing your quests. Do 3 faction quests per day to take advantage of the daily bonus. Optimize your movements: use teleportation, weapons offering you mobility, do not be too afraid of fall damage and do not hesitate to die to respawn in the nearest town. From level 25, do expeditions (dungeons) and related quests. Collect all the notes you come across. If you’re in a group, do Elite Quests, Elite Zones, and Corrupt Portals. These few tips should help make your leveling experience smoother!

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