How to level up fast in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 introduces a new way to level up now that the seasons have started. The Season in NBA 2K22 allows players to earn rewards up to level 40 during the Seasons Window. There are several ways to earn XP in MyCareer, and here’s how to get to level 40 fast.

Play certain types of games

The best way to earn XP fast is by playing lots of park games around town or neighborhood. Park games are generally quite quick and include 2v2 and 3v3 games. Playing park games will earn XP fairly quickly if players can participate in the games without having to wait too long. Related: How To Complete ‘Meet The Designers’ Quest In NBA 2K22 Other Kinds Of Games That Will Gain A Lot Of XP Are REC And Pro-Am Games. These matches are longer and offer more opportunities to display quality stats and earn a good teammate rating. Players can also earn some XP with Old Gym games, but less than other game types. However, since Old Gym doesn’t require a team to join, it can be a quick way to get into a game without waiting or playing solo.


Playing with friends gives extra XP for each game you play together. Squad is a great way to earn XP fast. If you don’t have friends who are playing 2K22, there are plenty of ways to find a team or teammate. Players can simply go on the smartphone in MyCareer and invite players to or near the park, or various groups have invitation notifications through console apps. However, if you don’t prefer to band together, you can take advantage of other XP boosts.

XP Boosts

Players can earn double XP cards that they can activate for a set amount of time. Playing park games with double XP will make players go up pretty quickly. Events also sometimes grant double XP, so keep an eye out for upcoming events by checking the events calendar on the smartphone in MyCareer.


Both current and next gen versions of 2K22 feature questlines in MyCareer that award various rewards for achieving goals such as getting certain stats in games, exploring the city, or chatting with people. NPC. Quests grant Season XP, so quests can be fun and allow you to level up quickly. For more NBA 2K22 guides, look at All NBA 2K22 Locker Codes (September 2022) on Guides.

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