How to join Bards College

Bards College is one of the many factions available to join Skyrim, which is made up mostly of Bards, Lecturers, and Poets. The college itself is located in Solitude, which players will need to visit if they wish to join this faction. This will unlock a new questline for you to jump into, as well as the freedom to use the books and college items as you see fit. This guide will cover everything you need to know to join Bards Collect in Skyrim.

How to join the college of bards

To reach the college you will first need to go to Bards College from Solitude, the tall structure located two buildings from the Blue Palace on the left side of the road. Once you reach the building, you will need to enter and apply for admission to Viarmo, the director of the college. Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy. Viarmo will ask you to complete a quest for him, involving going to Dead Man’s Respite to find some missing poem lines. Follow the marker to the dungeon and fight your way through it, facing plenty of draugr and frost spiders along the way. Hang the verses of the poem next to Svaknir’s corpse once you reach it, then go back to the catacombs. Fight Olaf One-Eye in the last room, then exit the dungeon with your acquired worms. Go back to Viarmo and ask him to recreate the verses. You will then need to perform the poem in front of Jarl and then talk to Jorn in college. Do this, then wait until 8 p.m. and talk to her a second time. Go back outside for the King Olaf fire. During this ceremony, Viarmo will grant you membership in the Bards College faction.

Benefits of joining Bards College

As a college member, you are now free to pick up college articles and books for use as you see fit. You’ll also gain a few new quests to take on, where you’ll be tasked with collecting Finn’s Lute, Pantea’s Flute, and Rjorn’s Drum. Finding each will reward you with a +1 to all Thief, Mage, and Warrior skills respectively. Two college books, The Legend of the Red Eagle and The Aetherium Wars will also immediately initiate quests for you after reading them. Both are on shelves on the lower level of the college. Bards College is one of 15 factions that can be reached in Skyrim. Joining this faction doesn’t prevent you from being able to join other factions, so players looking to make the most of their Skyrim experience should definitely give Bards College a try. If you want to learn more about Skyrim, be sure to look at our other Skyrim guides!

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