How to increase Serenitea Pot Trust rank in Genshin Impact

Screenshot by Guides Players of Adventure Rank 35 and above, who have completed the quest Liyue Archon Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Is Coming, can unlock the housing system in Genshin Impact: The Pot Serenitea. Once you have completed these requirements, you will receive a world quest titled A Teapot to Call Home, which will take you back to Madame Ping in Liyue. Complete the quest and get the Pot Serenitea, a portable house that you can take anywhere with you and accessible from anywhere in Teyvat.

Trust ranking system

Screenshot by Guides The Serenitea Jar introduces a trusted ranking system to the game. It is extremely rewarding both for self-proclaimed realm designers and for players uninterested in decorating their Serenitea jar, because increasing your trust rank also offers adventure-friendly rewards. Speak to Teapot Spirit, Tubby and select Trust Rank to inquire about your status. You will see how much more confidence you need to rank yourself, Adeptal Energy and related information, hosted companions and the realm currency storage and limit. Related: How To Use The Serenitea Potty (And What Is It For?) In Genshin Impact

Increase trust rank

Screenshot by Guides The only way to increase your Confidence Rank is to craft furniture for the first time. You can do this by talking to Tubby and selecting Create Furniture. This will take you to the creation page, which you can expand by getting more furniture blueprints. Furniture that you’ve never made is marked with a teapot icon in the top right (circled in the image above). Crafting them will give you confidence to increase your rank. But making the same piece of furniture a second or more times will not give you confidence. The rarity of the furniture is classified by color. The higher the rarity, the more Confidence you get: Two Star (Green): 30 Confidence Three Star (Blue): 60 Trust Four Star (Purple): 90 Trust Related: All wood locations in Genshin Impact

Trusted Ranking Rewards

Raising your rank unlocks amazing Kingdom Depot items and Serenitea Jar features, allowing you to build and decorate the world of your dreams. There is a unique ranking bonus that you don’t want to miss either!

Advantages of higher ranking

Rank Confidence required Rewards 1 0 • Unlock exterior zone 1
• Realm layouts available: 1
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 300
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 50
• Companion limit: 1
• Furniture creation queue: 1
• Roving deposit items: 4 • x60 Primogem
• x10 vial of adeptal speed
• Plan x1: building with several arches of Mondstadt 2,600 • Storage limit of the currency of the kingdom: 300
• Realm bounty storage limit: 100
• Companion limit: 2
• Furniture creation queue: 2 • x60 Primogem
• x10 vial of adeptal speed
• Plan x1: Liyue House: Wood and stone 3,600 • Kingdom currency storage limit: 900
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 150
• Companion limit: 3 • x60 Primogem
• x10 vial of adeptal speed
• Plan x1: Mondstadt house with overhanging attic 4 1000 • Transformation of Tubby’s appearance
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 1,200
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 200
• Companion limit: 4
• Furniture creation queue: 3
• Roving storage objects: 5 • x60 Primogem
• x10 vial of adeptal speed
• Plan x1: Liyue Pitstop: Scent of tea on the old road 5 1500 • Unlock outer zone 2
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 1400
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 250
• Companion limit: 5 • x60 Primogem
• x10 vial of adeptal speed
• Plan x1: Hot and dry Mondstadt apartment 6 1500 • Kingdom currency storage limit: 600
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 300
• Companion limit: 6
• Furniture creation queue: 4 • x60 Primogem
• x10 vial of adeptal speed
• Plan x1: Liyue House: Lunar crested eaves 7 1500 • Tubby’s appearance transformed
• Unlock exterior zone 3
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 1800
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 350
• Companion limit: 7
• Roving deposit items: 6 • x60 Primogem
• Plan x1: Hilichurl Spiral Watchtower
• Plan x1: Old wind-resistant Mondstadt house
• x1 Manoir de Mondstadt: Manoir du Vent
• x1 Liyue Estate: Exquisite Manor 8 1500 • Available Realm Layouts: 2
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 2000
• Realm bounty storage limit: 400 • x60 Primogem
• Plan x1: Hilichurl double-decker guard tower
• Plan x1: Liyue House: Friendship abounds 9 1500 • Unlock the outer zone 4
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 2,200
• Realm Bounty Storage Limit: 450
• Companion limit: 8
• Furniture creation queue: 5 • x60 Primogem
• Plan x1: Hilichurl Chieftain Hall
• Blueprint x1: Design fountain of ten birds and flowers 1500 • Transformation of Tubby’s appearance
• Realm layouts available: 3
• Kingdom currency storage limit: 2,400
• Realm bounty storage limit: 500 • x60 Primogem
• x 1 plane: “Wind ball wheel”
• Plan x1: Maison Liyue: time waits for no one

Unlock items in the kingdom depot

You can unlock items besides furniture and other pieces and bobs that go into your Serenitea Jar from the kingdom depot. These have limited stocks that reset every week, so don’t forget to empty them! Check out our guide on Genshin Impact: How to Increase Friendship Level to further increase your closeness to your favorite Serenitea Pot companions.

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