How to ignore Spirit Master difficulty in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a surprisingly tricky game, with challenges that could take players hours and hours on the game’s most unforgiving difficulty: Spirit Master mode. Fortunately, there is a way for trophy hunters to skip the most tedious task in the game and unlock the trophy in just a few minutes. To skip the Spirit Master difficulty and unlock the Master Spirit Guide Trophy, players must complete the following steps: Related: Bow Master Trophy Guide for Kena: Bridge of Spirits Complete Kena: Bridge of Spirits on any difficulty level . Make sure to save the game at the last meditation point in the game. When the game is over, start a new game on Spirit Master difficulty. Play the game until Kena gets her first rot mate. Select the Load Game option from the pause menu. Load the save file from the completed game, a good indicator that this feat worked is that Kena’s health is returning to base levels in the lower left corner. Head to the last meditation point in the game and trigger the final cutscene. (Feel free to skip this.) Once the credits have rolled, players should see the Master Spirit Guide Trophy appear if they’ve followed the steps above. This feat is still effective from Kena: Bridge of Spirits version 1.06. We recommend that you turn off automatic game updates until this trophy is unlocked, as Ember Lab will undoubtedly fix this time saving. To learn more about Kena: Bridge of Spirits, be sure to visit some of our other guides, like Sharpshooter Trophy Guide for Kena: Bridge of Spirits here on Guides.

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