How to heal Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Like the main Pokémon games, potions and revives are how players treat their Pokémon after battles. This can be done from the Item menu.

Access the items menu

From the map view of the game, players can click on the main menu icon. This icon is the Pokéball-shaped button at the bottom center of the screen. Opening this menu gives the player options to press. The icon represents the item bag and pressing it takes you to the item menu.

Use healing items

In the item menu are various items that the player has received from Pokéstops, Research rewards, and the Shop. Potions will heal stable Pokémon by a set amount based on the chosen potion. Related: Best Moves for Altered Forme and Origin Forme Giratina in Pokémon Go Potions Heal 20 HP Super Potions Heal 50 HP Hyper Potions Heal 200 HP Max Potions fully heal a Pokémon regardless of how many HP it lacks Once a potion is selected, simply choose which Pokémon to heal and it will consume the corresponding item to heal them.

Healing unconscious Pokémon

Pokémon that pass out will not appear when selecting Potions. To revive an unconscious Pokémon, select a Revive or Max Revive and all of the unconscious Pokémon the player has will be displayed on the screen. If no Pokémon show up, none of them pass out. A regular Revive will revive Pokémon and heal them for up to 50% of their HP. A full revive, however, will revive the Pokémon and heal it for all of its health. For a chance to get free items, skins, or other miscellaneous gear, look at Pokemon Go Codes (October 2021) – All Codes Active on Guides.

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