How to have a baby in The Sims Mobile?

Image via Electronic Arts As with all other games in the series, any two adult sims can get married, so they can have children. If you reach level 3 in a romantic relationship with another sim and your own sim has reached level 11 in The Sims Mobile, only this will unlock the possibility of having a baby. Related: How To Get Married In The Sims Mobile Level 11 Required To Purchase Essentials Like A Crib Or Cradle. To reach level 3 in a romantic relationship, you need to participate in various relationship stories, activities, and events. There are three ways to have a baby: Adopt a boy Adopt a girl Having a baby with your romantic partner The process of creating a baby takes about 30 minutes, you can skip it using sim money. Sims Mobile. After the baby is born, you can take care of it, feed it and clean it. In addition, there are new events that are unlocked involving the baby, like fantasizing about sleep because he has to take care of his child at all times. For more articles on The Sims, be sure to look at How to Download and Use the Wicked Whims Mod in The Sims 4.

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