how to get thick skin

No matter what you choose to do in New World, you will need to find a variety of different resources, including thick skin. Thick hide turns into leather and is essential for crafting additional armor and bags that expand your inventory. But how do you get thick skin? Since you’ll want to stock up on some for whatever you need, this tips guide covers how to get thick skin in Amazon’s MMORPG.

How to level tracking and skinning

The first thing to know about Thick Hide is that it drops from various animals of level 40 and above, so you will need to be level 40 before you can start finding it. You will also need to have sufficiently leveled the tracking and counting skills in order to increase your chances. Killing and skinning any type of animal will help you improve both skills, but hunting predators like wolves and bears can help you progress faster.

Where to get thick skin

There are a wide variety of animals that have a chance to drop a thick skin: Alligator Bison Black Bear Wild Boar Lynx Damned Dog Elk Bull Elk Cow Grizzly Lynx Mountain Lion Primal Lion Strange Alligator Strange Boar Strange Bison Strange Elk Wood Wolf Hunt , killing and skinning any of these animals has a high chance of producing thick skin, but it appears that animals in the Restless Shore area have a higher percentage of crafting production. No matter where you hunt, however, you’ll likely get thick skin after a few kills. Continue like that ! With that in mind, there are two other potential ways to achieve thick skin. There is a small chance that you can pick up thick skin from dead enemies and stock up on caches. Your other option is to go to the counter of any colony and see if there are other players selling it. It’s not the most reliable method, however, your best bet is to get your hands dirty and chase yourself. Related Guides: This is what you need to know if you are wondering how to get thick skin in the New World. It takes a little patience to gather what you need, but hunting is the best way to cultivate the resource because it takes too long to wait for someone to sell it. If you need additional help while browsing Amazon’s MMO, be sure to look at our Growth Guides hub.

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