How to get the Stink Bug card in Inscryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a dark and atmospheric horror deck-building game. As such, it offers a large number of cards and combinations for the player to try out. Players can also upgrade and upgrade their cards as they play for even more possibilities. However, three cards are special: these are the voice cards. One of them is the Stink Bug card. Like other voice cards, the Stink Bug has a personality and will speak to the player as they play, even commenting on their mid-game decisions. To get the Stink Bug card, players will need to find the safe combination and open it. Players can open the safe earlier, but that won’t get the Stink Bug card. Related: What Are Bones – How To Get Them In Inscryption Stink Bug Card Is Correct. It has one strength and two life points and costs two bones to summon. He also has the Stinky Seal which will reduce the strength of the opposing card by one. The Stink Bug is also very nice and will often comment when playing good games. While the Stink Bug is a decent card on its own, it can be used in effective strategies. His Stinky Seal is a great tool for weakening opposing cards and making them unable to damage the Stink Bug. If this ability is used defensively, you can neutralize many Leshy cards. For more information on Inscryption, see How to Solve the Candlestick Puzzle in Inscryption and How Campfires Work in Inscryption on Guides.

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