How to get the Pack Rat card in Inscryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a dark, atmospheric horror deck-building game that features a variety of cards to collect and use in battles. These cards are crucial for progressing in the game. There are many ways to acquire cards, including finding them at random or completing specific objectives. One of those cards that is obtained via this latter method is the Pack Rat card. This card is obtained in a specific way that can be easy to miss. To get the Pack Rat card, you will need to have a full inventory and go to an event where you will find a backpack. Related: How To Solve Cabinet Puzzle In Inscryption Dark Silhouette Will Inform You That You Can No Longer Carry Items. Instead, a rat will appear behind the backpack and give you the Pack Rat card. This card requires two sacrifices to play and has two strength and defense. In addition, while playing, you will receive a free random item. You must, however, have room for another article. It should be noted that you can get multiple Pack Rat cards as long as you encounter a backpack event with an inventory still full. Having multiple Pack Rat cards is a good strategy because you never know when a random item might save your life. For more information on Inscryption, see How to Open the Cabinet in Inscryption and How to Open the Vault in Inscryption on Guides.

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