How to get the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K22

The Gym Rat badge is one of the best badges to have as a MyPlayer and can only be unlocked with certain conditions. The Gym Rat badge will give your MyPlayer a permanent boost in acceleration, speed, endurance, strength and vertical. The new generation and the current generation have radically different ways of unlocking the badge and here’s how to do it.

Next generation

To earn the Gym Rat badge on the next generation, you must earn three stars out of 50 workouts. This can be done by completing the normal gym workouts, however, only five can be done each week of play, so a minimum of 10 weeks of play is required to complete. Related: Best Center Builds In NBA 2K22 The Other Way To Earn Three Stars Out Of 50 Workouts Is To Quickly Complete Workouts Located In The Gatorade Science Institute Booth, Which Is At The Back Of The Gatorade training center. These can be completed more than five times per week, but take longer to complete. These workouts include a light button mini-game in which you have to operate the stick in the direction of the light, and another mini-game where you have to quickly press the face buttons.

Current generation

Current generation players have a much simpler method of earning the Gym Rat badge. On Current-Gen, players must win a championship on MyCareer to get the badge. The first season of MyCareer requires around 40 games before you can simulate games. Also in the playoffs, games can be simulated once your team is up 25 points. For more NBA 2K22 guides, look at How to Level Up Quickly in NBA 2K22 on Guides.

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