How to get the Great Kraken card in Inscryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a deck-building game filled with secrets and it can be easy to miss some of its secrets. These range from giving the player valuable items as well as unique cards. Some of these secrets are more obvious while others may be more difficult to uncover. One of those secrets is the Great Kraken card. This card can only be acquired by completing two objectives. The player has to find and click on two tentacles – this can be done in any order. One is located in the Magnificus Tower while the other is located in the Leshy area. Related: Act 1 vs Act 2 in Inscryption To find the Tentacle in Magnificus Castle, the player must defeat the three apprentices to reach the top floor of the tower. On this floor, the player will find Magnificus but will have to go to the right door. Inside there is a sink. Wait a few seconds and a tentacle will appear, approach it and click on it. Then head to the Leshy area, but instead of going to the cabin, turn left and head towards the dock. The player will see the fisherman and another NPC. Ignore them and wait a few seconds until another tentacle appears. Click on that tentacle. Whichever tentacle you click second, you will get the Great Kraken card. For more information on Inscryption, see Which Deck Should I Choose in Act 2 of Encryption and What Are the Benefits – How to Get Them in Inscryption on the Guides.

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