How to get the Grav costume early

If you want to get the Grav Suit at the start of Metroid Dread, you better have the patience of an energy tank. It’s possible to acquire the Grav Suit as early as Ghavoran, but you’ll want to practice the Shinespark movement before trying it. It’s worth it, however. The Gravity Suit reduces the damage Samus takes, which comes in handy during some of the toughest fights to come.

How to get the Grav suit early

First, head to the room where you get the Pulse Radar, marked in red on the map above. Your target area is under the corridors of the Morph Ball Bomb. Lean against the wall, then start a speed boost. Trigger a Shinespark just before you reach the narrow gap so it stays active while Samus falls. Then jump off the ledge and, using Y + B, direct your Shinespark to the ledge at the back. Follow the Morph Ball path and take the green teleporter to Burenia.

Burundi Green Teleporter

Drop a Morph Ball Bomb in the lower right corner of the chamber to open a new path. Follow him by destroying the Enky Fire Plants as you go, until you reach a room with a piece of Energy Tank. Stand on the edge of the ledge, then start running to activate a speed boost. At the right time, you will activate a Shinespark and cross the speed blocks on the ground. Keep the speed boost active. Open the new door, slide under the ledge and aim your cannon down to shoot the beam blocks. While staying in the air, tilt your Shinespark up and to the left to cross the inclined passage. Keep the Shinespark active and keep heading to the left, then trigger it again after getting down next to the magnetic wall panel. Aim to the right and take off. You are now free to let the Shinespark fade away. There’s a missile tank in a pool of water at the back of the room. Grab it, then use a Morph Ball Bomb in the lower right corner to open a new path. You are now quite close to the Grav Suit. From there, it’s pretty straightforward. Take the Morph Ball path, detonate the pulsating blocks to destabilize the structure in the background, then destroy the grapple block. Walk down below the trail, go left and you will enter the Gravity Suit chamber. Related Articles: You are free to explore the cold regions and walk in the lava now that you have the Grav Suit. You’ve probably also saved a good few minutes of your completion time. If you want to finish even faster and get those sweet ending rewards, look at How to Get Morph Ball Bombs Early and our other Metroid Dread guides.

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