How to get the grapple beam early

One of the smartest secrets of Metroid Dread is to get the Grapple Beam early. Metroid has always been known for its secrets, so it’s no surprise that the latest installment has some surprises and secrets for particularly determined gamers. This quick step-by-step guide will walk you through how to get the Grapple Beam at the start of Metroid Dread, long before you’re supposed to.

Where to find the early beam grapple

The secret path is accessible once Samus grabs the Varia suit, so she will already have the Charging Beam, Morph Ball, and Wide Beam upgrades already. The Varia suit allows Samus to safely explore the heated passages now. To start, Samus must use the red teleportal to reach Cataris. You’ll find yourself on top of Kraid’s lair, but that’s not where you’re headed. Instead, go back to the top right of the map to catch the train to Dairon. Once there, go down and go left until you reach an apparent dead end (the purple teleportal will be on the left). Shoot the floors and fall down, then head to the right to reach the first of a series of high temperature rooms. Keep doing this until you reach the heated room with an energy tank sitting on a platform above the lava. There is a destructible floor block on the right side of this room that leads to a secret door. The next room is where things get downright painful. This long lava-filled passage requires demanding slippery jump skills at both ends to pass. For the first one you have to slide through a small opening right next to the entrance to the room, then jump left just as Samus gets to the end of the slide and jump the wall to the right to reach a long, thin passage. above the lava. Once you’ve rolled all the way to the end of the platform, there is another difficult slide jump. Samus will have to stand at the opening here, slide right, then jump just in the right place in the slide to reach the opposite wall. Shoot Samus over the wall, go through the door, and just follow the path from there. It will lead to an elevator up to Artaria. Just follow the path to the wire harness door at the bottom (it’s not far) and continue right to grab the grapple harness. Related Articles: And That’s It For Getting The Hookshot Beam At The Beginning Of Metroid Dread. It’s a laborious task, that’s for sure, but you’ll be happy to have it as soon as possible. For more on the latest installment in Nintendo’s legendary franchise, look at the links above.

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