How to get the Breakfast Achievement in Back 4 Blood

Successful Breakfest requires players to kill a Monsterous Breaker after destroying all of their armor. Although the realization seems simple, there are specific requirements to complete this realization. To get the Breakfest achievement in Back 4 Blood, players must play on Nightmare difficulty and kill the Monsterous Breaker on Clean Sweep level in Act One. Once at the gas station, a Monsterous Breaker will appear and have four points of armor to destroy. Related: All Back 4 Blood Difficulty Levels Explained

Monstrous Breaker Armor Points

Left Chest Left Outer Left Thigh Outer Right Thigh Right Upper Back Shooting at the armor will produce a different sound and display a different hit marker than normal shots, so players can tell if they are strike the armor. To ensure that all armor points are destroyed, players can check how many bright weak points are visible. If there are four weak spots visible, it’s time to kill the Breaker. Image via Turtle Rock Studios Killing a Breaker is no easy feat, especially on Nightmare difficulty. To kill the Breaker, it is recommended that players take as many grenades or molotovs as possible and equip weapons with high capacity or high damage magazines. The Monsterous Breaker will chase the closest player and unleash barrages of attacks. While one player is fleeing the Breaker, others can remove armor points from all sides. If players stray too far from the Breaker, he will perform a jumping attack which, if dodged, can give an opening to easily hit his armor points. For more Back 4 Blood guides, look at How to Get Brute Force Achievement in Back 4 Blood on Guides.

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