How to get Scourge Prime Relics in Warframe

Screenshot by Guides Scourge Prime is Harrow Prime’s iconic weapon, a workers that shoots devastating vitality at your opponents.

What relics have Scourge Prime elements?

Scourge Prime elements can solely be present in 4 completely different Relics right now: Lith C9 has the Scourge Prime hilt in silver. Meso S11 has the Scourge Prime Barrel as its golden half. Neo N18 has the Scourge Prime blade in bronze. Axi S9 has the Scourge Prime Blueprint as a gold mannequin. Along with the three components and the blueprint, gamers may even want 15,000 credit and ten Orokin cells to craft their Scourge Prime.

The place to domesticate these relics

Lith C9

Screenshot by Guides Our suggestion for rising Lith C9 is to develop Olympus (March). Olympus is a Disruption mission. You possibly can rapidly accumulate Lith Relics by forcing B spin rewards each flip. To do that, efficiently defend all 4 aims within the first flip, defend at the very least three of them within the second flip, solely defend two-three within the third flip, and solely defend one-two within the fourth flip and past.

Meat S11

Screenshot by Guides Screenshot by Guides Our suggestion for rising Meso S11 is to spend time on Io (Jupiter) or Helene (Saturn). Io and Helene are Protection Missions that are well-liked farming websites for Meso Relics and different sources (Io for Oxium and Helene for Mixed Affinity and Orokin cells). Io is quicker as a result of it is a vast open space with a stationary protection goal, however Helene continues to be a quick and legitimate different should you want Affinity Cells or Orokin. You’ll nonetheless obtain a Meso Relic on spin A for Io and Helene. You obtain an A spin reward for finishing 5 and ten rounds, so go ten rounds and begin over. Associated: The way to Develop Orokin Cells in Warframe

Neo N18

Screenshot by Guides For Neo N18 Relics, it’s best to go to Hydron (Sedna). The Protection Mission on Hydron would not have the best downfall probability for Neo N18, nor does it grant Assured Neo Relics like some Disruption Missions. However you’ll all the time, all the time, ALWAYS discover a entire group of individuals to run Hydron with. That is the primary place for Affinity Farming in Warframe, so there are all the time folks working it, which makes it each fast and simple. Our suggestion is to equip something that wants leveling and working Hydron. You’ll have an excellent probability of getting a Neo Relic as a reward for turns 5 and ten. Go away after that, equip new issues as wanted, and begin over as many instances as you’ll be able to.

S9 axis

Screenshot by Guides We advocate you go to Apollo (Lua) in your Axi S9 relic hunt. Apollo is a Disruption Mission and you’ll all the time obtain an Axi Relic to earn a B spin reward. Use the identical ways as with the Lith Relics to obtain assured B spin rewards for as many turns as you’ll be able to final. For extra info on getting Scourge Prime’s favourite wearer, Harrow Prime, take a look at The way to Get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe on Guides!

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