How to get MBP .50 sniper rifle in Far Cry 6?

Screenshot via Guides Sniper Rifles are some of the most powerful and fun weapons to use in Far Cry 6. For best in class, the MBP .50 Sniper Rifle is a perfect contender. While there are other more mobile options like the Carbine and SVD, the precision and long range of the MBP Sniper is unbeatable. You can unlock the MBP .50 Sniper Rifle in the following three ways: FND Caches – These chests spawn through Yara in military-controlled areas. You can access it to get random rewards like weapon unlocks, resolving gear, and more. However, this method is uncertain as the chances of obtaining the MBP of multiple Far Cry 6 weapons are slim. Unique Weapon Variant – You can unlock El Tirano’s Unique Sniper Rifle Blueprint. Follow this link to find out how to unlock El Tirano. Keep in mind that you cannot customize a map in the game. Guerrilla Garrison – You can build a guerrilla garrison in camps across all three regions of the map. Upgrading the garrison to level 3 unlocks specialized weapons. One of these weapons is the MBP and costs 3,850 Yaran Pesos. Related: How To Get All Amigos In Far Cry 6 – All Locations You can customize this sniper with various accessories, mods, weapon charms, and skins. The available mod sockets and our recommended version for the MBP .50 sniper rifle are as follows: Attachment mods Ammo Socket – Armor Piercing Rounds Muzzle Socket – American Suppressor Optical Socket – Large Sniper Scope (4x- 8x) Tilted Sight Socket – Tilted Reflex Sight Socket Pointer – ‘not required’ Sniper Rifle Mods Socket 1 Mod – Sniper Rifle Mod Socket 2 Quick Reload – Headshot Supremo / Extended Mag For more on Far Cry 6, see Best Weapons In Far Cry 6 on Guides.

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