How to get Hamon in Roblox Project Star

In Roblox Project Star, there are many specs in the game. Specs are abilities that empower your character. Hamon is a very powerful and coveted specification. Fortunately, Hamon is not too difficult to maintain.

Find and talk to William Zeppeli

To get Hamon, you will need to find William Zeppeli. It is an NPC who teaches you Hamon. To find it, you will need to go to Oasis. Oasis is located in the Great Desert, which is on the southwest side of Egypt and west of Tyr Thief. Once you’ve found Zeppeli, talk to him. It will offer you the opportunity to learn Hamon for the price of $ 5,000. Related: How to Reset a Booth in Roblox Project Star?

Quest and practice

Zeppeli will tell you that you need to do some things first. You will do two sessions with Zeppeli for breathing training and master training. Breath training is very easy and is a little mini-game using your space bar. The Master training is a bit more difficult and involves climbing a mountain while maintaining your Hamon. If you get to the top of the mountain and pass, then you will get Hamon. Want to learn more about Project Star? Try How to get Wamuu in Roblox Project Star? on Guides.

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