How to Get and Play Unas in Dislyte – Unas Guide

There are plenty of Espers to collect and add to your team in Dislyte, but you’ll want to build a balanced team of fighters, support, controllers, and defenders. If you need a solid support unit, look no further than Ounas, who wields the power of the Egyptian god Shu.

How to get Unas in Dislyte

Unas is one of Dislyte’s best support espers, but it can take a while to unlock. You earn Unas by using Records for pulls. Unfortunately, this is a five-star unit and so shooting is extremely rare, so you’ll be relying heavily on luck. There are mercy shots after a certain number that guarantee a Legendary Esper, but that doesn’t mean you automatically get Unas, as there are plenty of Legendaries. After completing the story, you earn a Shimmer Record which has a chance of pulling Unas, but this is also entirely based on luck. So unfortunately you will have to be patient or extremely lucky to unlock Unas in Dislyte. Related: Dislyte Introduces Upcoming Espers Meredith, Nicole, Laura & Ollie

Is Unas Good How To Use Unas

Unas is very good and should definitely be considered part of your team. He excels in almost every game mode and fits in well with virtually any team. If you unlock Unas, you should focus on maxing out his level and equipping him with the right relics. Ounas’ speed is amazing and can even let him move twice before your opponent leaves. You’ll want to increase his speed as his passive ability, Zephyrus, grants immunity to your team if Unas isn’t standing still. It’s an extremely powerful ability that makes Unas so useful. Here are the recommended relic sets to use with Unas. 4-set: Wind Walker 2-set: Adamantine, Apollo’s Bow, The Light Above or Stoneveins For more information on Dislyte, see What is DJ Contest in Dislyte, Explained and How to get Dhalia in Dislyte on our guides.

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