How to get Alolan Raichu in Pokémon GO

Before Generation VII, Raichu was often considered the black sheep of the Pikachu evolutionary line. He wasn’t as cute and marketable as Pikachu or Pichu, and thanks to Lieutenant Surge’s mean Raichu in the anime, many kids just weren’t fans of him. However, with the release of Alola Dex, we got Alolan Raichu, which was a huge upgrade. He had a much prettier and softer face, and his floating, surfing tail was a much more memorable stunt. I bet you would love to have one for yourself, right? Well, here’s how to get Alolan Raichu in Pokémon GO.

The tricky thing about Alolan Raichu is that, unlike Vanilla Raichu, you can’t get one by evolving a Pikachu. Alolan Raichu is, for all intents and purposes, a completely independent Pokémon. The obvious solution, then, would be to go find it in nature, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not going to work either. For whatever reason, Alolan Raichus just don’t breed in the wild.

How to get Alolan Raichu in Pokémon GO

When Niantic first implemented Alolan Raichu in Pokémon GO, it was classified as a strictly raid-only Pokémon and sadly, this has not changed, at least as of this writing. The only way to catch an Alola Raichu is to defeat one in a raid and then catch it afterward. The good news is, as part of the Season of Legends Charge Up event, the Alolan Raichu raids are now underway. Obviously, there is no quick and easy way to make a specific Pokémon raid appear right next to you, but if you explore local raid points for a while, chances are it will appear sooner or later.

As an Electric / Psychic type, Alolan Raichu has the following resistances:

Resistant to: Fighting, Steel, Electric, Psychic, Flying Weak to: Dark, Earth, Bug, Ghost

When weighing the balance between writing and potential DPS, your best options for defeating an Alola Raichu would be powerful Ghost types like Gengar or Chandelure. Both Pokémon can duplicate their Ghost moves, and neither is weak against anything in Alolan Raichu’s kit. If you’re lucky enough to have it, Darkrai is also a great choice, as its pure dark writing will keep you safe while using dark and ghost moves.

The Charge Up event lasts until the end of March, so you still have time to hunt an Alolan Raichu if you haven’t already. If you miss your chance, don’t worry; it’s very likely that we will see some Alola-themed events once the summer months roll around.

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