How to get all hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV

Screenshot by Guides Character customization is without doubt one of the most essential features of Ultimate Fantasy XIV, and hairstyles greater than most. However once you first begin the sport, you will not have entry to all kinds. As a substitute, you’ll have to unlock a few of them as particular rewards through the sport. Here’s a information to search out and gather all of the unlockable hairstyles in Ultimate Fantasy XIV.

Pop Hairstyles

These hairstyles may be salvaged by exchanging them for MGP within the Golden Saucer Nice Lengths 30,000 MGP Rainmaker 5,000 MGP Lexen-tail 50,000 MGP Ponytails 8,000 MGP Loops 9,600 MGP Journey 15MGP

Skybuilders scripts

Every of those hairstyles can be found as a part of the Ishgardian Restoration Undertaking and may be bought for 1,800 Skybuilders scripts or given as a vacation present. Holy Chaos Type Managed Trendy Legend Associated: Finest Races To Select In FFXIV


Every of the PVP hairstyles may be bought for 18,000 Wolf Marks Designed for rental Trendy feathered


All of those hairstyles are acquired on the South Entrance of Bozja and related areas Wind Referred to as – Buy for 150 Bozjan Early to Rise Clusters – Reward from Delubrum Reginae, or purchasable from 5 Bozjan Gold and 30 Bozjan Platinum In each instructions – From Zadnor Lockbox

Mog Station

These hairstyles may be bought for actual cash from Mog Station Impulse Grasp & Examine Commander Sharlyan Particular Difficulty Scion Scion Particular Difficulty II Scion Particular Difficulty III


Everlasting Bond – Obtained by attending the Eureka Strife Binding Ceremony – A reward for attending a Lucian Locks Neighborhood Occasion – Ultimate Fantasy XV Collaboration Occasion Kind and Perform – Out there in Eureka Pyros Gyr Abanian Plait Glad Bunny Chests – A reward from heaven on prime Samsonian Locks – A reward from the Palace of the Useless Scanning for Type – Drop from The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach Battle-ready Bobs – Drop from The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach For extra info on unlocking Ultimate Fantasy 14 , see Learn how to Unlock Pink Mage in FFXIV on Guides.

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