How to get all Bandido leaders in Far Cry 6

As the story unfolds, you unlock Bandido Operations, a passive time game where you send one of your bosses on a mission. It may take them anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours until they reach their destination. Then you have to go back to the Bandido operations board and choose options that change the mission rewards as well as the consequences of your choices. Each Bandido leader has two unique skills, so you want to match the right leader with the right job to make sure you get the best possible outcome and the operation goes off without a hitch.

Alfredo Maximo

Alfredo Maximo is acquired by completing the main operation mission called The Lion’s Roar. You will get Alfredo Maximo automatically after this mission. Talking Skills + 50% chance of success in thrifty corruption -50 percent to peso requirements


You will automatically get Benito during the Far Cry 6 prologue on Isla Santuario. Skills Surveyor + 50% chance of successful construction Constructor -50 percent to metal requirements

Freddy Jr.

To get Freddy Jr., you must complete the Yaran Story Stealing Home. In this story mission, you have to collect three pieces of baseball memorabilia. Sniper Skills + 50% Long Shot Sniper Success Chance Choosing a Sniper action grants + 10% chance until the end of the Operation.


Isabela is acquired by completing the story of the wing and a Yaran prayer. Skills Surprise! + 50% Adaptive Ambush Success Chance + 10% Success Chance for Choice in Each Stage Related: All McKay Wave Jammer Locations in Far Cry 6 – We Are (One) Jammin ‘Yaran Story


Marisol is acquired by completing the Wing Story and a Yaran Prayer. Seeker Skills + 50% to the chance of passing the Field Doctor question -50% to the medical requirements

Grand Grandpa

Big Papi is obtained by completing Big Papi in Little Yara Yaran Story. Skills Reckless + 50% to success chance of Bandido Speed ​​Demon Assault Operation time reduced by 25 percent


Sergio is obtained by completing the story of the Yaran Trade Tricks. Skills Ghillie Suit + 50% chance of success in stealth Super Stealth Choosing a Stealt action grants additional information and leadership abilities for other available Bandido operations


Zenia is obtained by completing the story of Paint the Town Yaran. Skills Sabotage + 50% to chance of successful sabotage Ingenious B-50 percent to gasoline requirements For more Far Cry 6 guides, ProGameGuides is here for you!

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