How to get all 15 radio songs

Collecting all the USB sticks found in various locations around Yara won’t get you new weapons or cool supremos, but it will allow you to listen to more radio songs while fighting the FND. Listening to music while driving in the world of Far Cry is nothing new, but Far Cry 6 continues the tradition with radio songs unlocked thanks to 15 very well hidden USB sticks. This guide will show you where to find all the USB drives in the game, including their map locations and screenshots. After collecting all the USB drives, you will also get a new trophy and a new achievement: That’s My Jam.

All USB key locations and radio songs


Hitboy can be found in Quito, Ventura Summit, Isla Santuario at the Viviro Plantation during Fire and Fury. This USB key will be on a desk on the ground floor of the blue brick building with the alarm attached to it.

Tamarind pulp

The Pulpa De Tamarindo USB stick can be found in Ocaso Marina, in the southwest of the Costa Del Mar, in Madrugada. The marina is west of the Cortina weather station. Look for a table against the corrugated metal in the picnic area attached to the marina building.

What Bam Bam

Quel Bam Bam is in Verdera, Lozania, in the center of Madrugada. This is the city you visit during Bury the Battle Ax. Facing the cathedral in the square, head towards the orange and blue building on the left. There will be a laptop on a table against the building on the left side, opposite the outdoor dining area with umbrellas. The USB stick is on the table.

Abuse of power

The radio song Abuso De Porter can be found at FND Olimpia Air Base in Oasis Plains, Augas Lindas, northeast of Madrugada. Go to the top of the air traffic control tower just north of the air base marker on the map. It is in front of the helipads. The USB stick is attached to the laptop by the antenna, in front of two chairs and a television.

Sense of origin

Go to Mambo’s Lair (if you’ve unlocked it) in the far north of Madrugada, east of Ocaso Lighthouse. Look in the dumpster next to the thatched building with the green holders for the USB drive. The building is located directly in front of Bandido’s workbench and operations board.

Pxssy Powah!

Pxssy Powah! is behind Clara near the laptop on the makeshift table just after receiving orders from Esperanza for Paradise Lost.


This radio song can be found in the parking lot of the Towels International Resort, just east of the Oku Creek checkpoint in Barrial, Valle de Oro. The resort is just before the bridge and the USB stick is in one of the green dumpsters on the left side of the parking lot.


This USB stick can be found at Orquidea Villa, Muerte Point along the east coast of Barrial. Go to the house in the southwestern part of the estate, just along the red line indicating the trespassing zone. Climb to the roof of the house using the vines from the pergola at the back. It’s on the left side, just before the satellite dish.

Ay Lola La Figura

Complete the And the Beat Goes On treasure hunt for this USB stick. Hunting can be found in the mountains northeast of Segunda, between the town and Montuno’s lair. It is attached to the turntables inside.

Educate Ya

Educate Ya is located at the Gasolinera Del Paraiso petrol station just south of the Diamante W checkpoint in Balaceras. The USB stick can be found just inside the door of the station on the right, plugged into a laptop.

Life changed me

This radio song can be found at the Sureno Shipyards, in the southwestern part of the Sierra Perdida, in El Este. The USB key is on a desk in the guard post at the entrance to the military target.

I have learned

You can find this USB stick in Maldito, which is at the southeastern tip of Conuco, below Sombreado Gorge and Schaub Pass. Meet in the raised, stilted building by the pond on the north side of the area. A red ladder is attached to it. The stick is inside on a table.

The paths of life

This radio song can be found in the Fernando Valley, Conuco in the center of El Este. Go to the Casa Rivera marker on the map, just northwest of the “F” in the Fernando Valley. The collectible USB drive sits on a table on the back porch of the house with the teal car on the cinder blocks with the hood open. You can get this one during the story of Everything To Lose Yaran, where Petra Toca asks you to help the farmers in the area. This house is up the hill next to the woman asking for your help with the generator.

The Beautiful Ciao Of Liberty

Meet at Turgenev’s comm station in Catalina Ridge, La Joya in El Este. There are two red towers to the right of the building and a bunker in between. Enter the bunker and follow the path to the control room. The USB stick is on the green desk behind the FND cover.

Here we Kum

Go to Barrio Antiguo, Esperanza for this USB stick. You will return to the roof where the game started. Place a waypoint just above the second “R” in Barrio on the map, and you should be able to find the alleyway entrance and stairwell needed to get to the roof. The arch is on the left side of the street between a green building and a beige building. Just follow the path and enter the small shed on the right side of the roof to find this collector’s item on a stand. Related Guides: These are all UBS Keys from Far Cry 6. After you find the last USB drive slot, you will have 15 more radio songs to play on each of your rides, even the most unique ones. You will also get the That’s My Jam Trophy / Achievement for your hard work. For more on Ubisoft’s latest open world shooter, be sure to click the links above or head here to our guides hub.

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