How to get Air Motes in New World

There are many resources, materials, equipment, and quests to collect in New World. Some are easy to find while others will be more challenging. One material that is more difficult to find is Air Motes. You may be wondering how to find this material. There are three ways to get Air Motes in the New World. You can get them from the Shockbulb, Shockspire, and Lightning Beetles plants. As you explore the New World, keep an eye out for the items below. Related: How To Get Fire Particles In The New World Name Location Skill Required Image Brightwood Shock Bulb, Everfall, Weaver’s Fen, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff, First Light, Cutless Keys. Harvest – 30 Shock Arrow First Light, Cutless Keys, Monarch’s Bluff, Windsward, Weaver’s Fen, Restless Shore, Mourningdale, Edengrove, Great Cleave. Mining – 100 Shattered Mountain Lightning Scarab, Great Cleave, Edengrove, Mourningdale, Rive Restless, Weaver’s Fen, Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, Monarch’s Bluff, First Light. Nothing Air Motes are used in crafting, especially Arcane and Alchemy. You can also use them for engineering, furnishing and stonecutting. The Shockbulb plant will require the use of a sickle to harvest it. The Shockspire will require a pickaxe. The Lightning Beetle has no tools or skills required. If you are looking for Air Motes, make sure you are prepared in advance! For more information on New World, see How to equip skins in New World and How to get the Vinespun weapon skin set in New World on the Guides.

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