How to Get a Nightcrawler Bait in New World

Nightcrawlers Bait is one of the best early game baits in New World. It allows you to catch better fish in saltwater fishing areas. But it can be a bit confusing to find as it isn’t always available to be harvested! If you want to find Nightcrawlers, head to the hills and forests. Looking for Flint. By picking up Flint on the ground, you will find bait. However, Nightcrawler baits can only be found during the day (when Nightcrawlers are in hiding). If you collect flint during the day, it will drop the glowworm bait instead. Both baits are slightly rare drops, so you’ll have to spend some time collecting flint to get them. Alternatively, you can go to the trading post and place an order for some. There are always players looking to get rid of their unwanted items. Related: Where To Find Truffles In The New World? Then, once you’ve gathered your Nightcrawlers (or Glowworms for that matter), it’s time to head to some salt water! Press the R button (default) to equip your bait, then click on the Nightcrawler bait. If you are not 100% sure if the fishing spot you are in is saltwater or freshwater, just jump in. After wading deep enough, you will see a prompt to collect salt water or fresh water. Both are useful crafts as well. Good fishing! With fishing, crafts, and more, it can be easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal of the New World. Find out what is the maximum level in new world?

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