How to get a llama in BitLife

To get a llama in BitLife, players will need to travel to any country in South America and own equestrian property. In short, in BitLife, llamas replace horses under the Pet Activity tab in any country in South America. So basically you’ll just need to meet the requirement to have horses in the game, but instead of the horses you’re trying to get, they’re llamas. That said, if you want to get a Lama, start by creating a character in South America or migrating to a country in that region. Once you live in South America, find a decent job and rack up a lot of money if you haven’t already. Related: BitLife’s Most Valuable Heirlooms You’ll Need At Least A Few Millions Before You Can Buy Equestrian Property Because You Will Need One To Get Llamas In BitLife. So start making money and start seeing properties when you have around 2 million in one of the two Realtor tabs under the Asset Purchases tab. If you can’t find equestrian property, try restarting the app or getting old to refresh the listings. When you find the right house, buy it, then look at the animal tab under activities. Under the Lama Ranch is where you can buy a Lama if you have the right type of house. To learn more about BitLife, Guides offers you a large and ever-expanding catalog of guides.

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