How to follow the Aura ordeal in Path of Stalwart Stone in Genshin Impact – Moonchase Tales Guide

After completing the introductory quests for the Moonchase Festival, an Adepti appears and tells you to come see her or be careful. So, of course, we’re heading to their location ASAP to start the Moonchase Tales quests for the Moonlight Merriment event.

Artificial Cooking Class: Part 1

When you arrive talk to Cloud Retainer and they will show you a new cooking device, but their bamboo shoots have been stolen and you have to use this new device to get them back. The game tells you to follow the aura, but it’s very easily missed. Related: Who Is Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Voice Actress In Genshin Impact? Look at the middle pot out of all three, and you’ll notice a bit of wind emanating from it, flowing in a particular direction. This is the aura you need to follow, but it’s easily mistaken for a bit of generic wind. Use your glider and follow where the wind aura is going. Eventually you will see the culprits, some Anemo Slimes. As soon as you attack them, they will fly away. You have to follow them and land on a platform in front of them to shoot them with a ranged attack. One arrow shot from a bow user and you collect the bamboo shoots. Don’t forget to look at all of our Genshin Impact coverage on the PGG homepage! I

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