How to fix VALORANT won’t launch on PC

Wondering how to fix Valorant not launching on your PC? Don’t worry, as this is quite a common problem and can be fixed with just a few clicks. Although Valorant is compatible with almost any desktop setup, gamers sometimes face a lot of issues while logging in or starting the game. Recently this issue has appeared for several gamers with the relaunch of Windows 11. Nonetheless , here are the few steps you can follow to prevent Valorant from launching on your computer!

Minimum System Requirements

To get started, check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements to run Valorant. Here are the minimum system requirements to play the game at 30-60 fps. Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit RAM: 4 GB of RAM Graphics card: Intel HD 4000 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / Intel i3-370M Related: Best VALUING agents for each card If the game does not not running on your PC, try the following to correct launch errors: Reduce outdated graphics drivers and update NVIDIA graphics settings. If you have a 1980 * 1020 screen, reduce the resolution to 1024 * 768 Run Valorant in compatibility mode or in administrator mode Reinstall the Riot client Temporarily disable the antivirus Remove any VPN that might affect connectivity These are the most wanted solutions which typically resolve launch issues with Valorant. If the issues persist, be sure to reinstall Valorant and reduce graphics to the lowest preset before jumping into a match. For more information on Fortnite, such as news and guides, be sure to look at our Valorant our guides homepage!

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