How to Fix the Solstice Quest Bug in Destiny 2

Image via Bungie Those who need speed are having an issue with the Solstice quest on their alts in Destiny 2. Many are reporting an issue when trying to progress Eva Levante’s quest on their second or third character, especially the step that requires converting Silver Leaves to Silver Ash.

How to get out of debt from Eva Levante

The problem seems to be that Destiny 2 hits a bug and gives these characters a negative ash balance. This indicates 0/20 in-game, but in reality Guardians could be negative in the thousands. A quick and easy way to check is to use the Destiny Item Manager (DIM) progress page. By hosting the Bonfire Bash event in the EAZ, Guardians can start turning their leaves to ashes and make up the difference. Related: What is Legacy in Destiny 2? God Roll, Builds, and More Some players are reporting that deleting the quest and reacquiring it from the tower kiosk will fix the issue, but responses indicate that it’s not a guaranteed fix. So depending on how indebted to the space grandma and how much effort you really want to put into an alt, check DIM first and see if it’s worth it. Good luck, Guardians! For more Destiny 2 goodies, look at What is Knucklehead Radar in Destiny 2? Abilities, alternatives and more on our guides.

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