How to fix phasmophobia stuck at 90% loading error

Being an online multiplayer, Phasmophobia often faces some or other server issues. One of those issues that plagues gamers for a long time is that the game crashes 90% of the load time. There are several solutions to resolve the error, ranging from restarting your PC to changing the boot file in the game directory. Here is a list of all working fixes / solutions for the current error.

Administrator mode

The most common solution for the error is to run the game with administrator privileges. To do this, open your game directory and give the phasmophobia.exe file to run with full administrator privileges.

Check Steam Integrity

Sometimes a missing file can be the main cause of the problem, so please check the integrity of the game file through Steam before launching the game. Related: How to use smear sticks in phasmophobia?

Changing values ​​in the startup file

Changing the values ​​for VR in the startup file may fix the problem if you are not playing with a VR set. To change the values, follow below. Open the “Phasmophobia_Data” folder. Find the “boot” file and open it using a text editor such as Notepad. Browse and locate the line “vr-enabled = 1” and replace it with “vr-enabled = 0” Save the text file and relaunch the game.

Deleting your backup data

Deleting your saved data may resolve the Phasmophobia 90% loading error, as discussed in this Reddit article. But remember that implementing this solution will remove all your previously saved configurations, settings and other preferences. To do this, delete the SaveData.txt in the C: / Users /[username]Directory / AppData / LocalLow / Kinetic Games / Phasmophobia.

Updating game drivers

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. The game has a habit of causing boot problems if not paired with the latest graphics drivers.

Restart your PC

Finally, the good old fashioned way of restarting your PC and relaunching the game may resolve the error. Ideally, one of the solutions should fix the issue, but if you are still encountering the error, you can still interact with the developers of Phasmophobia on their official Discord channel to find a tailor-made solution for yourself. For more awesome guides, look at the Phasmophobia section on our guides.

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