How to find where you died in Minecraft

Image via Mojang Sometimes your corpse in Minecraft may contain valuable items / resources. To recover such things, you will need to know your exact places of death. By default, the game will not show or reveal your place of death. Still, you can find your place of death using any mod that tracks and traces corpses.

General tips and tricks for finding the place of your death

Before we go ahead and discuss various Minecraft mods, let’s take a look at a few key points that can help you find your exact death spots in the vanilla version. As you move away from your base, try to map the destination. When mapping, be sure to include vital landmarks. As a general rule, use shiny objects like a torch or banners as waypoints when moving away. Try to reach a high point on the map to look around to guess your last known position. If you don’t carry essential items or supplies, then don’t bother to collect your body. Related: How To Get Player Heads In Minecraft

Best Minecraft mods for finding your place of death

Once downloaded, the following list of mods will help you track all death locations. Remember that each mod changes your base game by certain parameters. Study the official patch notes of the respective mods before installing them. For more awesome guides, look at the Minecraft section on Guides.

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