How to find the Lord of Bones in Act 2 of Encryption

Screenshot by Guides In Act 1, the player will encounter numerous NPCs in their attempt to escape Leshy’s hut while they participate in card battles and solve puzzles. One NPC that players are fortunate enough to meet is Lord of Bones. In Act 1, this character is difficult to meet but even harder to meet in Act 2 of Encryption. To find the Bone Lord in Act 2, players need to find two specific cards. This is the Broken Obol card. This death card can be acquired through card packs or purchased through the merchant. There are two versions which both face different directions. You will need both. Related: How To Beat The Scrybe Of Technology In Inscryption Screenshot By Guides Once you have them, you will need to play them side by side face to face. This will create the Ancient Obol map. You cannot use this card but must go somewhere instead. If you’re having trouble crafting the Ancient Obol, head back to the dummy in Magnificus Tower and keep skipping the towers until you have both pieces. With the ancient Obol in hand, return to the Temple of the Dead and descend. Speak to the sarcophagus and you will offer the Ancient Obol. This moves the sarcophagus and reveals a secret path. Take this and you’ll find yourself in a dark cave with the Lord of Bones. Speak to the Lord of Bones and he will tell you that only the resolute can accept his blessing. Talk to him again to show your determination. He will accept your patronage and give you three gifts. These are the Horn of the Lord of Bones, the Femur of the Lord of Bones, and a mysterious key. The key is an important part for Act 3. For more information on Inscryption, see How to Solve the Factory Puzzle in Act 2 of Encryption and How to Beat the Scrybe of the Dead in Inscryption on the guides. Pro game.

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