How to drive a scooter in Youtubers Life 2

Getting around town can be quite slow and become tiring after a while. If only there was a much easier way to travel to Newtube City …

What are scooters doing in Youtubers Life 2?

Whichever neighborhood you choose to live in, you will decide which places you will be close to. Inevitably, you will have to move to certain places in the city. In Youtubers Life 2, the characters walk quite slowly, which can make it difficult to get to places, especially when time is of the essence. Scooters make this a lot easier for players, allowing them to get through town much faster. Related: All Locations In Youtubers Life 2

How to drive a scooter

Image via UPLAY online You can find a scooter at any of these stations which are all over the world. To ride one, you will first need to obtain a permit. Obtaining a permit can be done by going to the town hall. Once inside, speak to the person at reception and ask for a scooter license. It will last a year and cost 100 coins. You will need to pass the Scooter exam, which involves going to the Port district (you will be teleported here). The test takes place on a road full of cones in various positions. To pass the test, you must not miss the course within the three attempts you get. After your passage, you can get your license! Want to read more Youtubers Life 2 guides? Try which Youtubers Life 2 neighborhood should you choose? on Guides.

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