How to destroy the rocket on Orbital in Battlefield 2042?  –

In Battlefield 2042, each element of the game can be destructible, including the rocket on the Orbital map. We explain how to do it. Battlefield 2042 will be available in open beta starting this Friday, October 8 before officially releasing on Friday, November 19 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Within the game, it will be possible to destroy many elements on the various maps including in particular the rocket which will be found on point E on Orbital. We also tell you below when and how to demolish it in the game.

When can we destroy the rocket on Orbital?

If you want to destroy the rocket on point E of the Orbital map, you will only be able to do so for a very limited period of time. She will be invulnerable most of the game, but she will be vulnerable when the ties are removed. You will then have the opportunity to destroy the rocket by shooting the engines with your weapons or grenades or even by using the weapons of helicopters and fighter planes. It should be noted that the launch phase after removing the fasteners only lasts 6 minutes, so be quick. In addition to this launch phase, it will also be possible that the rocket can be destroyed by the tornado which can occasionally hit the Orbital card. Finally, we remind you that Battlefield 2042 has an early access beta available from this Wednesday, October 6 for EA Play subscribers and players who have pre-ordered the game, before the arrival of an open beta on Friday, October 8. .

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