How to Defeat Signora in Narukami Tenshukaku Island Dungeon in Genshin Impact 2.1

Where to find Signora in Genshin Impact

You will be able to fight Signora only after you have completed the main task of the update 2.1 storyline “Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence over mortals.” Signora is in the punishment dungeon on Narukami Island: Tenshukaku.

How to Defeat Signora in Narukami Tenshukaku Island Dungeon in Genshin Impact 2.1

The battle is divided into three stages. During the battle, you will constantly encounter Bitter Frost and Blazing Heat. Attacks with these statuses take away HP from your character. Look closely at the full cover of frost or fire to repel an enemy attack.

You can resist the fierce frost by destroying the heart of the flame, and vice versa, to destroy the blazing heat, destroy the Eye of Cold. They are usually located at the corners of the battlefield. For this, we also advise you to accumulate a negative effect. We also advise you to stock up on various dishes that will help maintain or increase the level of the HP scale.

Will be useful from the cold:

  • Tomato stew (whole frozen meat, carrots, tomato)
  • Frost Shield Potion (Crystal Cores, Mist Blossom)

From fire will be useful:

  • Heat Shield Potion (one butterfly wing, flaming stamen)

Use moon cake (raw meat, eggs, butter, flour), to increase the strength of defenses and shields

To increase attack and critical hit chance use the Adept’s Temptation dish. The recipe can be found in a chest on a floating island (Qingyun Peak), or complete the Nine World Columns story mission.

Detachment to fight Signora

  • Dione… Has a shield that deflects ice attacks 250% better than normal. In the absence of Dione, use another Cryo character, but in this case you will not receive additional protection from Signora’s attacks.
  • Yan Fei… In the presence of the 4th star, she has a shield that repels fire attacks by 250% more effective. In the absence of Yan Fei, use another Pyro character, but in this case you will not receive additional protection from Signora’s attacks.
  • Zhong Li, Noelle, Ning Guang or Albedo (Geo-characters).
  • Qi Qi, Jinn, Bennett or Kokomi (healers).

Now let’s take a closer look at the stages into which the battle with Signora is divided.

The first stage of the battle

An important point! Switch the character when the cutscene starts, so you will take a better position within the hitting distance. While the cut-scene lasts, you will not be able to strike, but after the end of the video, you can take advantage of an advantageous position and strike rather strong blows to your opponent.

In the first stage, you will encounter Severe Frost.

Signora’s attacks in the first stage

  • Ice wheel. After an ice attack, an ice wheel will appear. Dodge him. The attack lasts a few seconds. During the attack, the wheel will constantly automatically aim at the character.
  • Blizzard… The attack begins with the appearance of snowflakes. As soon as you see them, move away so that they do not fall on you.
  • Ice lance… The spear becomes dangerous when turned. We advise you to move away from the place of its hit. As it explodes.
  • Ice darts… Guided as automatically as an ice wheel. They are behind the Signora. Dodge them when the dart is almost in front of the character.
  • Teleport… If during the battle the enemy disappeared, immediately retreat or prepare to repulse the blow, as she teleports closer to you. Signora’s melee punch is quite powerful and capable of dealing a lot of damage.

How to defeat Signora in Genshin Impact

With Dione in the squad, you can use the explosion of the elements. Her shield will come in handy in repelling ice attacks. Then switch to the character’s Pyro and strike your opponent. Keep track of the severe frost scale. When the scale is half full, you can break the Hearts of Flame, which are located in the corners of the battlefield. Also, watch out and do not stand on areas that are covered or beginning to become covered with frost. As soon as the frostbite meter is full, the character will begin to lose health, and the enemy will be able to break through the shield. The dishes that we described above will come to the rescue. Do not forget about them throughout the entire battle.

Second stage of the battle

After the first stage, Signora will lose 20% HP and she will hide behind an ice cocoon. Use the character’s Pyro to break through. During the battle, continue to dodge her attacks and attacks, also watch the scale and the growth of severe frost. At this stage of the battle, fire moths will appear. Collect them and strike at the block of ice. The technique is familiar to those who completed the quest in the “Mountains”.

How to defeat Signora in Genshin Impact

The third stage of the battle

At this stage of the battle, Signora will change the element of ice to the element of fire. At first, the boss will not attack, you can drink potions for protection and deal damage using a bow.

How to defeat Signora in Genshin Impact

Signora’s attacks in the third stage

  • Fire whip… Refers to Signora’s main attacks. Can deliver up to three hits in a row. If you see the whip in the Signora’s hands, hurry to step back. As soon as the enemy stops waving the whip, you can continue the battle.
  • Calling the Firebird. You can run away from this attack, or run to the heat of the bird and dodge before colliding with it. In this way, you can get closer to the Signora in order to inflict good damage.
  • Area attack in front of you. Before the attack, Signora will cast a spell. Move aside and try to take a position behind the enemy to deal damage to it.
  • Meteora… The attack follows the previous one. After the glow, a fiery rockfall will begin. You can hide from him in the far corner of the arena. At the end, the Signora will direct a fiery spear in your direction.
  • Fire tornado. The enemy will become a pillar of fire. At this moment, she is invulnerable. You can wait out in the corner of the arena. She will release small tornadoes. Avoid them.

Awards for defeating Signora

As soon as the enemy is defeated, you can get the following reward:

  • 300 adventure experience points;
  • from 7100 to 8100 mora;
  • from 60 to 70 points of friendship experience;
  • “Molten moment”
  • “Ashen heart”
  • “Solvent of dreams”,
  • fragments, fragments and pieces of Agnidus agate;
  • fragments, fragments and pieces of Shivada jade;
  • artifact from the Wandering Ensemble set;
  • artifact from the Berserker set;
  • artifact from the “Instructor” set.

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