how to create spawn points

Garrisons and Outposts are some of the most important structures you can build in Hell Let Loose. In the game’s huge sprawling maps, be it Stalingrad or Omaha Beach, the ability to appear in key points can turn the tide of a fierce battle. In this guide to tips, we’ll walk you through how Garrisons and Outposts work, and how to build them.

What are garrisons and outposts in Hell Let Loose?

In Hell Let Loose, players only spawn in one of the very limited HQ points. It may be fine in other shooters, but here where the card sizes are huge and players move at realistic speeds, it can take up to 10 minutes of walking to reach the front lines. Taking a long walk across the battlefield just to die from a stray bullet before even firing a shot can be aggravating. This is where outposts and garrisons come in. Outposts and Garrisons allow players to create new spawn points for their teams. Outposts can only be used by your squad (the small group of 2 to 5 players in your army with which you are grouped). Garrisons allow any player on your team to spawn on them. That’s a huge advantage in Hell Let Loose 50v50 battles, and those spawn points can be the difference between winning and losing.

How to build garrisons and outposts

Outposts can be built anywhere on the map and do not require any supply. However, they can only be built by officers and observers. Garrisons can be built in green territory for 50 supplies or with two columns or rows (depending on your map grid) in enemy territory for 100 supplies. They can be built by commanders, officers and observers. We look at Supplies in more detail in this guide, but in short, Supplies can be received via a Commander’s Airdrop, as a box placed by Support Infantry, or from one of the crates carried in boxes. supply trucks. Stand within 50 yards of supplies and take the watch out of your inventory. Select an outpost or garrison as the intended structure and place it on level ground. A player can only build one outpost or garrison at a time. Building a new one of either one requires that you first go to your existing structure and take it apart. They also cannot be built within 200 yards of an outpost or garrison built by a teammate. Once these structures are built, they can be destroyed manually by the enemy by standing nearby and dismantling them, or by an explosion. Related Guides: Building an outpost or garrison and controlling the flow of personnel on the battlefield is critical to the success of Hell Let Loose. Keep an eye on your available supplies and place them where your team needs them most. We have more tips coming to help you win the war, so be sure to look at our other HLL content.

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