How to create a Minecraft Mob farm

In Minecraft, you can grow potatoes and wheat for food. You can grow mushrooms for potions and trees for wood. Well, what if you wanted to farm arrows or ropes, or better yet, what if you wanted to farm XP? You can farm this and a lot more, all with a Mob Farm. Here are the steps to create a Mob Farm in Minecraft.

Step 1

First, you’ll want to start by building the platform that mobs will land on and the device that will collect your resources. Place two double chests back to back, one block in the ground. Then place four hoppers on top of the chests. Finally, place a slab of your choice on each hopper.

2nd step

Then, leaving a space of one slab above our base, we will build a tower extending upwards of 22 blocks. Make sure this tower is hollowed out, with a 2×2 space in the middle. This will be the fall where our crowds fall on our platform. Related: How To Make An Iron Farm In Minecraft

Step 3

On the top block of our drop tower, extend each of the two sides of the block outward by eight more blocks, bringing the total to 9 blocks. This will make a shape similar to a plus. Then build a wall two blocks high on top of the 9th block of each arm of the plus. Finally, extend this wall around the rest of the edges of the plus shape until a wall two blocks high is on all sides.

Step 4

Now, placing blocks on the top block of the two block wall, connect the arms of the plus sign together to make a square. This square should be 20 blocks long on each side. On the outer block of this square, place another wall two blocks high.

Step 5

Then all you have to do is place hatches on the top row of blocks inside the plus sign. Leave them folded up against the wall. Then place water at the ends of each arm of the plus sign. The water will flow to the 2 × 2 hole in the center. Once the monsters start to spawn, they will think the folded down hatch is a block they can walk on, and then fall into the water. The water will then push them through the center hole and down the chute. Finally, don’t forget to smash any torches you may have placed inside the farmhouse and cover the platform with a roof, leaving a space two blocks high for the crowds to appear. So this is it ! This is how you build a Mob farm in Minecraft. Assuming all the blocks count correctly when the monsters fall down the chute, they will drop 22 blocks until they hit the base we created. This will leave them with very little health, so you can easily finish them off and get their XP back while the hoppers pick up what they dropped. You can decorate this farmhouse to make it more attractive or build it underground. As long as the main structure remains the same, you will continue to farm these creatures! For more Minecraft guides, look at How to Create a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft right here on Guides

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