How to cook in Eastward

Cooking can be a relaxing mini-game in video games. Eastward has its cooking system which is similar to the cooking system in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It even has fun little sound effects while you cook. To get started, you will need three ingredients. Each recipe requires at least three and they can be any combination. You can also add additional spices to spice up your meals. With all the ingredients in John’s frying pan, you’ll be playing a slot machine mini-game. Then your meal will be ready! Related: All Foods in Eastward Some recipes require specific ingredients, while others may call for any type of vegetable. Improving recipes with spices will add effects such as increasing armor after you consume the food. Where the cooking system lets you have fun is the slot machine mini-game. Aligning two icons will increase the food reward, and the corresponding icons will improve the food even more. Cooking is important because it is the main thing in healing John or restoring Sam’s energy. You never know when to stop in the middle of the fight and have a bite to eat. For a bit of rude humor, the pan you cook with is the same one John crushes enemies with. For more information on Eastward, see All Ingredients in Eastward and All Recipes in Eastward on Guides.

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