How to complete the quest “Mysterious Couple” in Tales of Arise

As you progress through Tales of Arise, you will receive several side quests. In most cases, there are story markers or descriptions with simple tasks (for example, kill 7 Ice Wolves, and so on). However, there are also unusual tasks, including a quest, which we will talk about below.

To activate the quest “Mysterious Couple” (translated from Mysterious Pair), you need to be patient and get to the area of ​​Menancia. Here you must take the side mission “The Healer and Her Patients”. Complete the task, after which one of the rescued patients will issue the next mission. For completing this quest, you will receive an iron pipe – a material needed to craft a new, powerful weapon for Alfen

The quest giver with a quest will be standing right at the entrance to the Niez area. Talk to him. He asks to find a secret tool, and will give three clues with its location. All of these clues point to the northernmost point of the map in Eglia Wastes, the first area of ​​the game. Go to the farthest northern point and dig an iron pipe there. Give the item to the quest giver to complete the side quest.

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