How to complete the quest “Meet the Designers” in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 Next-Gen has a quest named “Meet the Designers” which has some pretty vague requirements to fulfill, but fear not, here’s exactly what you’ll need to complete the quest. First of all, the objective of the quest will depend on the affiliation to the city of the MyPlayer. The quest may require MyPlayers to dress for Apollo, Carlos, Sarah, or Sasha. During off-field questlines, players will get the Meet the Designer quest, which will also display the Designer NPC attached to the quest. The quest requires the MyPlayer to dress in certain clothes, take a walk on the track, then play a game and talk to reporter Andrew Torres. Upon completion, players will earn VC points, MVP, Fashion XP, and track animation. Related: How To Get A Shoe Deal In NBA 2K22 Via Ben Uchiwa YouTube

Dress requirements

Depending on the creator of the quest, players will need to procure a certain item of clothing for the Runway Walk. Each garment is associated with an icon that will meet the sartorial requirements. via Ben Uchiwa YouTube Apollo – Carlos Costume Icon – Megaphone Sasha Icon – NBA Logo Icon Sarah – Any Affiliate Store in Town Clothing For more NBA 2K22 guides, look at All NBA 2K22 Archetypes Explained on this site.

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