How to complete the Lonely World of the Sea Beast quest in Genshin Impact

Screenshot by Guides Watatsumi Island is teeming with mysteries by the sea. And the Solitary Sea-Beast world quest introduces players to the Umibouzu, large sea creatures treated with polarity by neighboring villages. This heartwarming quest reunites Kumi, a daughter of Inazuma, and Anisa, a researcher from Sumeru, as they bring an end to the death of Kumi’s childhood best friend.

Start the quest

The quest doesn’t automatically appear in the Quest menu, so start the quest by heading south-east to Mouun Shrine, which is located in the western part of Watatsumi Island. There, you will meet a troubled girl named Kumi, standing next to a giant carcass. Talk to her to learn that the carcass is actually that of her childhood friend, Kuntira, an Umibouzu who she says has lived a very lonely life. Kumi wants to offer a crown to Kuntira but needs your help to collect Sakura Blooms. After collecting three Sakura Blooms from Thunder Sakura, return to Kumi and give him the flowers. Related: How To Grow Sakura Blooms At Genshin Impact

Save Anisa

Kumi will then tell you that there has been frequent Hilichurl activity on the West Beach. She will ask you to find out about Anisa, a researcher from the Oceanographic Society of Sumeru who had visited this area and has not returned. The quest will direct you to the right place. Defeat the Hilichurls to save Anisa. Then speak with her and she will ask you to solve the puzzle of the Watatsumi statue right in front of her.

Solve the puzzle of the statue

Start by illuminating the three elementary monuments which are arranged in a straight line near the hangar. Use an Electro Attack to light the Electro Monuments and a Hydro Attack to light the Hydro Monument. One of the electro-monuments is located under the hangar, which is protected by a thunder barrier. You can find a Thunder Sakura Bough, which carries an Electrogranum, behind the hangar (also behind the giant carcass). Use it to enter the thunder barrier and activate the electro monument. This will unlock the Watatsumi statue. Offer prayers to the statue before interacting with the light nearby. Afterwards, a puzzle of illuminated tiles will appear. Follow this route to complete the puzzle: Screenshot by Guides Follow the tiles and make sure you don’t get out of them, as this will scatter the puzzle and you will have to start all over again. You will reach a dead end after reaching the tile next to the Watatsumi statue. Solve this problem by interacting with the statue again, and a new tile will appear on the left (marked with a yellow circle in the image above). It will allow you to continue the course, which ends at the tile with an aura, to complete the Puzzle! You will be rewarded with an exquisite chest.

Complete the quest

Talk to Anisa, who will tell you about her interest in marine biology. This will spark his interest in Kuntira. Return to Kumi, who will put the crown she made on Kuntira’s carcass, and the two girls will strike up a conversation. Read their story to complete the quest, which will unlock the A Mermaid Story achievement. Check out our guide to all Electroculus locations in Genshin Impact to help you clean up the rest of Watatsumi Island.

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