How to complete levels in Back 4 Blood

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Back 4 Blood, unlike Call of Duty’s zombie mode, features a storyline to its campaign that requires players to do more than kill their undead enemies to complete each mission. Turtle Rock Studio’s most recent title has a unique gameplay structure that requires players to complete several objectives before moving on. To complete the levels in Back 4 Blood, players must complete a series of objectives dictated by the story of the game. These missions can range from killing a boss to boarding a room to defend against overlaps. . It depends on the task. Once each of the level missions is completed, head to a secure room. Once all four cleaners are inside the safe, the mission ends. Related: What Are Cards In Back 4 Blood? The intense action of Back 4 Blood can make the escape to the Safe Room more difficult than expected, as the Ridden are aggressive, able to train players and capture them. If a player is killed in battle, only the surviving players must go to the safe room to complete the level. Some levels offer rewards for getting all the cleaners to the conclusion of a level, be sure to keep players alive by staying together and staying on top of their health by healing as often as possible. For more on Back 4 Blood, be sure to look at our other articles on this site, like All Game Modes in Back 4 Blood.

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