How to change world / server in Final Fantasy XIV

Image via Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV, like most MMOs, has multiple worlds and data centers that players populate to help with congestion. While players can start in a particular world, they can move on to another if they follow the appropriate steps. Players will need to use Final Fantasy XIV’s final world transfer service to swap worlds or servers. Once on the World Transfer Service page, follow the steps below to begin the World Transfer process. Related: How to Earn MGP Quickly in Final Fantasy XIV Confirm Your Eligibility User must have an active Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIV service account Must wait three days between transfers Must be disconnected from the game Must not be enlisted in a free enterprise or request to join one Cannot carry items NPC Calamity Salvager Cannot have reservations for an Eternal Binding Ceremony or have pending invitations Must not own any land, estates or apartments Neither may not be a house mate Must collect all pending deliveries Connect to the Mogstation with the characters you wish to transfer Make sure the world / server you wish to join accepts transfers. Visit the World Status page to see which world is not currently accepting new characters. Worlds not accepting characters will have the following icon: Request a Global Transfer World transfer costs $ 18.00, so players will need a card or verified payment method to continue Login restrictions Keep in mind that ssers cannot access the game while the transfer is in progress Transferring from a crowded world to a world with an incentive to balance the world population will also provide players with excellent rewards. . Some of these bonuses include: No charge for worldwide transfer 10 Golden Chocobo Feathers (used to purchase rare mounts) Housing refund New players should consider creating a character on one of the preferred worlds as this presents some challenges. Unique perks including: Double XP up to level 70 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers (redeemable for low / medium level armor and gear) 15 days of free play time (for a character reaching level 30 in any Which Class) To learn more about Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to look at some of our other guides, like How to Make Money in Final Fantasy 14 here on Guides.

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