How to change Twitch password?  –

How to change your Twitch password, following the leak of the personal data of users of the platform? We give you the steps to follow! For more than 24 hours, the Twitch platform has been talked about a lot on social networks. It was hacked and a lot of data leaked, including the turnover of many big streamers over the past two years. The personal data of many users is also said to have been leaked, and that is why it is strongly recommended that you change your Twitch password. But how to do it and in which parameters to go to modify it? We explain the procedure to you!

How do I change my Twitch password?

To change your Twitch password and further secure your account following the platform hack, simply follow the steps below: Go to the Twitch platform (source) and log into the account you want to change the password Click on your profile icon, top right Choose “Settings” At the top of the Settings page, click on the “Security and confidentiality” tab In the “Security” section, you will find the “Change” option the password ”Click on it, then follow all the steps given by Twitch to change your password. Once it’s done, your password will be changed! It is also advisable to enable two-factor authentication, to further secure your Twitch account. This option is activated just below the password change, in the Twitch options.

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