How to change the traveler element in Genshin Impact

Screenshot by Guides Whether or not you select to play Aether or Lumine firstly of the sport, the Traveler canonically possesses a singular capacity to wield the entire Parts, despite the fact that he doesn’t maintain Sight or Gentle. ‘Phantasm. The Traveler begins the sport as an unaligned character who has no recognized elemental talents. These talents could be activated and modified by interacting with a Nation-specific Statue of the Seven. Associated: How To Get Azoth Mud In Genshin Affect Screenshot By Guides Merely Work together With A Statue Of The Seven Positioned In A Particular Nation And Choose The Resonate With Choice [Element] to grant the Traveler the Elemental capacity aligned with the identical nation: Anemo for Monstadt, Geo for Liyue, and Electro for Inazuma. If you wish to change the traveller’s merchandise, go to the nation that hosts the brand new merchandise and do the identical. The Traveler’s character degree stays the identical no matter which Ingredient you turn to. In the meantime, skills and constellations are distinctive to every aspect, so that they naturally use completely different supplies to degree up. Nevertheless, switching to a distinct merchandise is not going to reset the progress of your earlier merchandise, so you are able to do it as many instances as you need with out consequence. Excited concerning the new Dendro Ingredient? Take a look at our information on Who’s Yaoyao in Genshin Affect and when will they be launched? for a preview of a attainable addition of Dendro to the character lineup.

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