How to change the club name in FIFA 22

Each club in FIFA 22 has a name and that is how they are recognized in the game. At the start of your career in Ultimate Team, FIFA’s most popular mode, you will be able to choose a club. The game will give you a list of club names to choose from at the start. Ultimate Team is all about building your dream team and therefore you will probably want to come up with your own name for your club. Fortunately, you can change your club name in FIFA 22. You can even change your club abbreviation which will be displayed during matches. Related: How to Play FIFA 22 Early Access From the main menu, navigate to Ultimate Team and hit Enter / A / X. From there, head to the Objectives tab, then to the Foundations tab. In the Foundation tab you will find the basics. Select this and you will see an option called Club Name. Press Enter / A / X to select it. Once you’ve changed your club name, the changes will be instantaneous. With FIFA 22 being in Early Access until full release, any progress you make will carry over to the full game. This means that any progress you make in Ultimate Teams will carry over. This includes your club name, so make sure it’s the one you really want to use. For more information on FIFA, see Will FIFA 22 be on Gamepass when released? and FIFA 22: New Career Mode Features on Guides.

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