How to build a gold farm in Minecraft

Gold is a precious material in Minecraft, just like real life. Obtaining and maintaining a stock of gold in the game gives you the materials needed to craft some of the best healing items in the game, such as Golden Apples, as well as brewing materials such as Golden Carrots and Glistening Melon Slices. . Related: How To Make A Minecraft Mob Farm As a result, building a Gold Farm should be one of your top priorities. Fortunately, with our handy guide, you can build a simple and efficient gold farm.

Golf farm concepts

The gold farm we are going to build works by collecting gold nuggets from zombified piglins. Piglins spawn in abundance in the Nether, especially in the Nether Wastes. So this is where you’ll want to build your gold farm. The Gold Farm works by trapping Zombified Piglins, then safely killing them to harvest their gold. The best way to do this is to make a hole and cover it with hatches. If the hatches are open, the Piglins will believe there is a block below them and enter it, falling into your farm. 5 × 2 is a good setup for this, as it allows a fair amount of Piglins to fall into the trap.

Build the gold farm

You will need to build high walls on either side of the initial pit you dug. It’s a good idea to secure one side with doors, a ceiling, and generally enclose the gold farm from the outside except for the entrance to the trap. This creates a safe side and an entrance. Three blocks down you’ll want to place hoppers and then chests. This will capture the gold for easy collection. By digging up to the level next to the hoppers, you will now need to create the point where you will attack the Piglins. At the hoppers, you’ll want to place a line of slabs aligned with the feet of any trapped creatures. If you don’t think about placing this slab, the little Piglins will be able to escape. This creates a harvest area. On the other side of the trap, it helps to dig for easy access to the chests. Once you are done building, simply attack the Zombie Piglins by attacking one of them and lure them into the trap by going to the safe side you created. Then go down to the harvest area and hit the Piglins. Any gold they drop will be deposited in the chests below. And here is your gold farm! Once you have mastered the Gold Farms, why not try How to Create an Iron Farm in Minecraft on Guides.

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