How to become Bitizen in BitLife?

Screenshot by Guides To become Bitizen in BitLife, you will need to purchase the feature using real money. This is the only way to become a Bitizen legitimately beyond earning a gift or illegitimate means. Bitizenship costs a total of $ 4.99 and unlocks several features that non-Bitizens do not have access to with their versions of the game. First, players who have purchased the VIP mode do not have any ads being played and can enjoy of the game without interruption. Related: How Do I Fix Problems That Are Not Showing Up in BitLife? After the no-add feature, players get VIP perks, such as access to exotic animals and the ability to join a prison gang. Here is the complete list of all the VIP features that Bitizenship includes in BitLife. More events, interactions Eye exams Optometrist Mafia events and interactions Change your appearance options Gangs Prison gangs Dark mode More generations No account sharing More animals No ads Performance enhancer The list of features included by Bitizen is long. However, it should be noted that if you are just looking for the ad-free option, you can also remove the ads with an ad removal option. Purchasing this ad remover will work the same as Bitizen, but it will not include the other features, and your game will be the same as a non-Bitizen player. To learn more about BitLife, Guides offers you a large and ever-expanding catalog of guides.

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