How to become an Affiliate on Twitch

Image via Twitch and Amazon LLC The basic requirements are easy to understand, but meeting them is another story. Figuring out how to attract viewers as a new streamer is one of the hardest parts of being on Twitch.

The requirements

The requirements for Streamers to become Affiliates can be found in the Achievements menu. This page can be accessed by clicking on the drop-down menu under your profile and going to the creator dashboard. Achievements can be found in the Insights menu, the second option after Home. The requirements listed are measured over a 30 day period and read: Reach 50 subscribers Stream for eight hours Stream on seven different days Average of three viewers The 30 day performance period is also listed in the Path To Affiliate Achievement for streamers in order to better follow these statistics. Related: How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

General advice

New streamers may experience the frustration of trying to grow, but there are some general tips for growing their channel. The tips will slowly help streamers meet the requirements to be monetized on Twitch. Keeping a consistent schedule for streaming will help viewers keep track of the channel going live. Streamers can also add a schedule to their broadcasts by going to their Creator dashboard and clicking Settings and Channel. This helps ensure that streamers can retain viewers who will have a better idea of ​​when to expect a stream rather than relying on a notification. Social media is also a way to increase visibility, share clips, and increase traffic to the channel. Posting clips to Facebook and TikTok is an easy way to try and explore cross-promotion. Algorithmically, posting links to other sites in posts will reduce visibility, so it’s best to leave the Twitch link in the bio rather than posting your channel URL in every post. Twitch is a huge space and there are creators of all shapes and sizes who are more than willing to make friends on the platform. The mutually beneficial nature of networking with other streamers of the same size creates a larger following for both streamers. It shouldn’t be done in a selfish way and is generally not recommended to be done with bad intentions in a working relationship. Watching the number of viewers can seem daunting at first, but continuing to play, comment, and interact with audiences, even with just one person, will maintain a welcoming atmosphere. It also helps all viewers who tune in to the stream while the channel is offline and are browsing VODs to know that they will not tune into a silent stream. For more information on streaming requirements, see All Requirements for Twitch Affiliates and Partners on our guides.

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